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Rudo Spemann


Rudo Spemann – born 22. 4. 1905 in Würzburg, Germany, died 11. 7. 1947 in Shepetovka, USSR – calligrapher, artist, teacher.

  • 1924–30: Studies at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Munich (under F. H. Ehmcke and Emil Preetorius) and at the Kunstakademie in Stuttgart (under F. H. E. Schneidler).
  • 1930–35: Is Schneidler’s assistant at the Kunstakademie in Stuttgart.
  • 1935–37: Freelance graphic artist in Munich.
  • 1937–39: Lecturer at the Akademie für Graphische Künste und Buchgewerbe in Leipzig. The city of Offenbach has awarded the Rudo Spemann Prize in memory of Spemann’s work every two years since 1954.

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