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Explore the world of typography with as your guide. Our Learn About Fonts & Typography section is your resource for improving your typographic acumen and keeping up with what’s new on and the latest trends in visual design.

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Typefaces That Tell a Story

Like music, typefaces show the influence of a time in history, genera or current vogue. Again like music, some are fleeting, such as grunge fonts and disco music; while others, like rap and geometric sans, have become permanent parts of the artistic spectrum. For the next couple of days, will be offering discounts on […]

Type Through the Eras is Back!

We’re excited to kick off our second annual Type Through the Eras promotion here on! For the next three days we’ll be bringing you tremendous deals on type designs that are inspired by significant eras and trends from design history. We start this year’s event by celebrating designs inspired by wood type. We’ll be featuring […]

Kairos – Industrial Strength and Ready for Work

Although firmly entrenched in typographic tradition, Terrance Weinzierl’s Kairos™ typeface is something truly new. “Grecians” were a popular typestyle of the 19th century. These were slab serif designs with octagonal corners. They were powerful, commanding typefaces that stood out from the crowd. Most, however, were small families of only one or two weights, and none […]

Over 9,000 Desktop Fonts, One Simple Subscription

When you’re seeking typographic inspiration for a project, where’s the first place you look? While some of you may immediately head over to (and we love you for that), we understand that most people start by browsing through the fonts they’ve already licensed. We get it. Purchasing type can be a major investment—before committing […]

Carter Sans: The Road Less Traveled

It began with what seemed like a simple request: Can you make a sans serif version of ITC Charter? The request was to Matthew Carter, the designer of serif design. Carter’s reply was, “Sure, or at least I think so. Let’s give it a try.” And try he did. While several serif typefaces have been […]

Raised and Dropped Initials

Even before Gutenberg invented the craft of typography, fancy initials were used to begin chapters and decorate pages in medieval manuscripts.

Top 100 Web Fonts for July 2015

The Futura® typeface family consistently ranks high on the Top 100 Web Fonts list. Last month it was 8th. But what if you want a geometric sans, but that is little bit different – and a little more “human” than Futura? Well, you don’t have to go down the too list much further. Just look […]

Getting Menus Under Control

When designing website menus, it’s important to consider quantity and location. How many navigation points should you show the reader? How few? Where will the menu be located, and does it warrant using a hamburger? And what’s a hamburger? As you define and design the menu’s broad strokes, its structure and hierarchy, you’ll also need […]

An Overdue Addition to the Akko Family

It wasn’t that long ago that new typefaces were only released with a couple of weights – and maybe an italic design or two. Those who designed typefaces and made fonts did not have the luxury of time or the financial means to develop large all-singing all-dancing typeface families. The first designs of Helvetica® were […]


The letters of the Latin alphabet haven’t changed in eons, and there is limited latitude in how much a designer can modify or embellish the basic shapes. The ampersand, however, is a shinning example of an exception to the rule.

Type is a beautiful group of letters, not a group of beautiful letters.