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Explore the world of typography with as your guide. Our Learn About Fonts & Typography section is your resource for improving your typographic acumen and keeping up with what’s new on and the latest trends in visual design.

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Top 100 Web Fonts for March 2015

Below you’ll find a list of the top 100 most used fonts from the Web Fonts service during March. We’ll first take a closer look at a perennial favorite though: Trade Gothic. Since their initial release in the 1940s, the Trade Gothic® family has been a stable of North American graphic design. They were popular as […]

Building a Typographic Foundation with Style Sheets

Over the past few years, the axiom “mobile first” has motivated designers to get online and reach their audiences by first considering how the site and experience will take shape on mobile devices. Initially this meant designing for the small screen on a phone, but over time, e-readers and tablets have become more prevalent than […]

Fix Missing Fonts Fast

As a designer, you know the hassle of trying to work with a file that’s suffering from missing fonts—all the finesse of your project’s typography goes right out the window. This situation’s an even bigger headache if your project is in the hands of the printer getting ready to go to press. On press, time […]

Top 100 Web Fonts for February 2015

Below you’ll find a list of the top 100 most used fonts from the Web Fonts service during February. While the usual suspects, like the Trade Gothic®, Avenir® and Neue Helvetica® typefaces are at the top of the list, if you look a little past half-way, you’ll come across a pretty atypical – and very […]

Cardamon – The Name Was The Easy Part

Naming a typeface can be one of the more difficult tasks for a typeface designer – although not for Brigitte Schuster. “I wanted a name that fits the typeface‘s character – and one that is easy to remember,” she explains. “I also liked the idea of comparing my typeface to a spice that enhances flavor. […]

End Marks

An end mark is a small graphic element placed at the end of a chapter, article or story. It provides a visual cue to the reader, signifying the end of a topic, section or piece. End marks are commonly used in magazines, newsletters, journals, and other publications containing multiple articles whose end point is not necessarily apparent to the reader.

Install Your Desktop Font Purchases in a Snap with SkyFonts

To all our loyal type shoppers, we’ve got some good news: you can now use SkyFonts to easily install the desktop font purchases you make while shopping on! When you make purchases from, look for the “Install with SkyFonts” button on the order confirmation page. You can also do the same after the […]

ITC New Veljović – A First Design Re-envisioned

Although a seasoned master of the craft for over three decades, Jovica Veljović didn’t intend to be a type designer. Calligraphy and handlettering were his passion as a young man – and his work earned many prestigious awards. It was Aaron Burns, eminent typographer and founder of ITC that introduced Veljović to typeface design in the […]

Parentheses, Braces and Brackets

The character set of a typeface includes a broad range of punctuation marks. Among them are parentheses, braces and brackets. These three pairs of symbols all serve to enclose additional information – words, numbers or symbols – generally not essential to the meaning of the sentence or paragraph. Although all three marks share this function, they have specialized usages as well.

Top 100 Web Fonts for January 2015

Want to see which typefaces are in demand on the Web? Here’s an ordered listing of the top 100 most used fonts from the Web Fonts service during January 2015. Be sure to check in next month to see if your favorite typeface moves up the list! Avenir Next Trade Gothic Neue Helvetica Avenir Proxima […]

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