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Explore the world of typography with as your guide. Our Learn About Fonts & Typography section is your resource for improving your typographic acumen and keeping up with what’s new on and the latest trends in visual design.

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Locating Alternate Glyphs

Given the expanded capacity of OpenType® fonts to accommodate thousands of characters, finding the ones you want can be challenging. But finding the ones you want is only an issue if you know they are there in the first place.

Using the Correct Mark

Several typographic signs and symbols are frequently confused, and therefore misused, when setting type. Some of them are found in just about every typeface, while a few are less common.

All the font, without the extra waiting!

You may remember my last blog post where I discussed improvements in speed that we had made to our patented Web Fonts Dynamic Subsetting Solution. Now I have another breakthrough to talk about—Background Loading. Together, our Dynamic Subsetting and Background Loading technologies work together to bring your site the best fonts—and all their characters—with the […]

Top 100 Web Fonts for December 2014

Want to see which typefaces are in demand on the Web? Here’s an ordered listing of the top 100 most used fonts from the Web Fonts service during December 2014. Be sure to check in next month to see if your favorite typeface moves up the list! Avenir Next Neue Helvetica Trade Gothic Avenir Proxima […]

Demos Next: A New Life at 40

The Demos® typeface family was one of the first designs created expressly for digital typesetting. That makes it about 40 years old – and in need of a makeover. The Demos Next family is a rekindling of the original design for 21st century imaging devices and typographic needs. The first digital typesetters were hulking machines […]

New Licenses for Apps, eBooks and Servers

As many of you already know, we are living in a multi-device world where content is always around us. It’s in our hands, on our desks, providing information and entertainment—and it’s only growing. Companies and designers have a need to ensure that their brand is consistent and beautiful, no matter how or where users are […]

Hyphens and Dashes

Hyphens, en and em dashes are among the most misunderstood, and misused, punctuation marks in typography. While their appearance is generally similar, they have distinct designs and serve specific functions.

Design With Typecast, Now At No Cost

Nearly two years ago, we introduced our Typecast app as a companion to our premium Web Fonts plans. Since then, thousands of users have used Typecast to design with type in the browser and prototype beautiful new sites. Meanwhile, Web font usage has now become the norm for new site. While we can’t take […]

DIN Next Slab’s Well-Earned Success

The new DIN Next™ Slab suite of typefaces has been one of the most popular new additions to the Linotype Library. While we believe in every new addition to one of our libraries, we also know that predicting the popularity of new releases is a challenging proposition. Monotype’s Type Director, Akira Kobayshi, clearly had no […]

Hanging Punctuation

Hanging (or hung) punctuation refers to the practice of extending certain punctuation marks into the margin of a flush edge of text, to give the appearance of a more uniform vertical alignment.

There are five virtues: accuracy, literacy, a strong hand, industriousness, and the perfect writing utensils.

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