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Explore the world of typography with as your guide. Our Learn About Fonts & Typography section is your resource for improving your typographic acumen and keeping up with what’s new on and the latest trends in visual design.

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New Blog

There aren’t as many faces behind as one may think. We are a small, passionate and friendly team that is ready to show that side of ourselves to our user. The challenge was quite simple: we wanted to create a more approachable, usable blog to better express ourselves and products to our users. Updated […]

Magical Magma II

Natural beauty speaks for itself. When we see a full moon, a ripe peach, or a smooth round pebble on the beach, their simple shapes touch something significant inside us. Man-made objects such as letters can create a similar inner resonance. A perfectly balanced ‘g’ or a subtly crafted ‘O,’ can evoke a delicate but […]

Top 100 Web Fonts for August 2014

Here’s a listing of the top 100 most used fonts from the Web Fonts service for August 2014: Trade Gothic Neue Helvetica Avenir Next Univers Avenir Proxima Nova Helvetica Frutiger Gill Sans Futura Linotype Univers Klint DIN Next Museo Sans Museo Slab Century Gothic ITC Avant Garde Gothic Neo Sans Chaparral Arial Rockwell Myriad Motoya […]

This Morning’s Web Fonts Service Outage

This morning, from approximately 3am to 9am EST, certain Web Fonts customers experienced an outage in service, affecting delivery of Web fonts as well as the site. The outage was a result of internal server changes, preventing ‘’ from resolving. Users employing the Javascript or CSS implementation method experienced outages as a result. […]

Top 100 Web Fonts for July 2014

Here’s a listing of the top 100 most used fonts from the Web Fonts service for July 2014: Trade Gothic Neue Helvetica Avenir Next Avenir Univers Proxima Nova Frutiger Helvetica Klint Futura Gill Sans Linotype Univers Museo Sans DIN Next Neo Sans Museo Slab ITC Avant Garde Gothic Century Gothic Chaparral Arial Rockwell Myriad […]

Jim Ford’s Typographic Journey

Jim Ford describes designing a large typeface family as “a mountainous commitment.” “You don’t scale a mountain just to turn around and go back,” he says. “There’s a triumph to be had; whether it’s in the challenge overcoming a fear, a discovery or a reward, or just a beautiful scenic overlook. In any case, that […]

From Investment Banker Dreams to Designer

With a wide range of clients, as well as popular self initiated projects, it seems strange to think that Victor Erixon originally intended to become an investment banker. After owning his own cleaning business at age 20, in just two years he’s gone from dabbling in design to a respected, sought after designer. Victor sat […]

Lining Figures

Numbers are a frequently occurring element in text and design, from invitations to financial reports. They are used to specify quantities, dates, prices, measurements, phone numbers, and a myriad of statistics and other data. In typography, the symbols used to represent numbers are commonly referred to as figures or numerals.

Choosing Display Typefaces for the Web

Typography on the Web has advanced by leaps and bounds, both technically and creatively. The availability of display fonts optimized specifically for the Web has greatly increased typographic freedom.

Type Through the Eras, Inspired by Design Movements is in the midst of a three-day sale celebrating some of the most distinctive eras in design history. Running until July 25th, our Type Through the Eras sale brings you classic and contemporary typefaces inspired by important design periods of the 20th century—with up to 85% savings! We’ve featured fonts from the elegant Art Deco era, […]

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