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Archive Types Complete Family Pack

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Current Product Technical Details

Format: OpenType Std (CFF)
Product ID:ARCV40OPN
Material Number:14790440
Technical Name(s):ArchiveBlackcap, ArchiveGarfield, ArchiveMagnoScript, ArchiveRoundfaceScript, ArchiveWesternIron, ArchiveAutographScript, ArchiveFrenchScript, ArchiveMann, ArchiveRoundhandScript, ArchiveBlackTitleText, ArchiveAtlantique, ArchiveFrenchShaded, ArchiveLightfaceExtended, ArchiveRibbon, ArchiveBlackTitle, ArchiveAmericanShadow, ArchiveEgiptCompressed, ArchiveKludsky, ArchivePenmanScript, ArchiveTinted, ArchiveAntiquaExtraCond, ArchiveCopperplateText, ArchiveIronlace, ArchivePetiteScript, ArchiveTale, ArchiveAntiqueExtended, ArchiveCopperplateHead, ArchiveHarlemTitle, ArchiveGothicOrnate, ArchiveSteeler, ArchiveOldStyleCondensed, ArchiveChasedBlack, ArchiveGermanText, ArchiveModernII, ArchiveSalisburyScript, ArchiveTilt, ArchiveCider, ArchiveGrotesqueShaded, ArchiveModernII-Open, ArchiveSchoolText
File Name(s):ARC031 Archive Kludsky.otf, ARC032 Archive Black Title Text.otf, ARC033 Archive Blackcap.otf, ARC034 Archive Egipt Compressed.otf, ARC035 Archive German Text.otf, ARC036 Archive Modern II Open.otf, ARC037 Archive Modern II.otf, ARC038 Archive Steeler.otf, ARC039 Archive Tale.otf, ARC040 Archive Tinted.otf, Archive American Shadow.otf, Archive Antiqua Extra Cond.otf, Archive Antique Extended.otf, Archive Atlantique.otf, Archive Autograph Script.otf, Archive Black Title.otf, Archive Chased Black.otf, Archive Cider.otf, Archive Copperplate Head.otf, Archive Copperplate Text.otf, Archive French Script.otf, Archive French Shaded.otf, Archive Garfield.otf, Archive Gothic Ornate.otf, Archive Grotesque Shaded.otf, Archive Harlem Title.otf, Archive Ironlace.otf, Archive Lightface Extended.otf, Archive Mann.otf, Archive Old Style Condensed.otf, Archive Penman Script.otf, Archive Petite Script.otf, Archive Ribbon.otf, Archive Roundface Script.otf, Archive Roundhand Script.otf, Archive Salisbury Script.otf, Archive School Text.otf, Archive Tilt.otf, Archive Western Iron.otf, ArchiveMagnoScript.otf
Window Menu Name(s):Archive Blackcap, Archive Garfield, Archive Magno Script, Archive Roundface Script, Archive Western Iron, Archive Autograph Script, Archive French Script, Archive Mann, Archive Roundhand Script, Archive Black Title Text, Archive Atlantique, Archive French Shaded, Archive Lightface Extended, Archive Ribbon, Archive Black Title, Archive American Shadow, Archive Egipt Compressed, Archive Kludsky, Archive Penman Script, Archive Tinted, Archive Antiqua Extra Cond, Archive Copperplate Text, Archive Ironlace, Archive Petite Script, Archive Tale, Archive Antique Extended, Archive Copperplate Head, Archive Harlem Title, Archive Gothic Ornate, Archive Steeler, Archive Old Style Condensed, Archive Chased Black, Archive German Text, Archive Modern II, Archive Salisbury Script, Archive Tilt, Archive Cider, Archive Grotesque Shaded, Archive Modern II, Archive School Text

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