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Dharma Slab Complete Family

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Current Product Technical Details

Format: OpenType Std (CFF)
Product ID:FITV5900
Material Number:147117283
Technical Name(s):DharmaSlabC-Thin, DharmaSlabC-ThinItalic, DharmaSlabC-ExLight, DharmaSlabC-ExLightItalic, DharmaSlabC-Light, DharmaSlabC-LightItalic, DharmaSlabC-Regular, DharmaSlabC-RegularItalic, DharmaSlabC-Bold, DharmaSlabC-BoldItalic, DharmaSlabC-ExBold, DharmaSlabC-ExBoldItalic, DharmaSlabC-Heavy, DharmaSlabC-HeavyItalic, DharmaSlabM-Thin, DharmaSlabM-ThinItalic, DharmaSlabM-ExLight, DharmaSlabM-ExLightItalic, DharmaSlabM-Light, DharmaSlabM-LightItalic, DharmaSlabM-Regular, DharmaSlabM-RegularItalic, DharmaSlabM-Bold, DharmaSlabM-BoldItalic, DharmaSlabM-ExBold, DharmaSlabM-ExBoldItalic, DharmaSlabM-Heavy, DharmaSlabM-HeavyItalic, DharmaSlabE-Thin, DharmaSlabE-ThinItalic, DharmaSlabE-ExLight, DharmaSlabE-ExLightItalic, DharmaSlabE-Light, DharmaSlabE-LightItalic, DharmaSlabE-Regular, DharmaSlabE-RegularItalic, DharmaSlabE-Bold, DharmaSlabE-BoldItalic, DharmaSlabE-ExBold, DharmaSlabE-ExBoldItalic, DharmaSlabE-Heavy, DharmaSlabE-HeavyItalic
File Name(s):DharmaSlabC_Bold_I.otf, DharmaSlabC_Bold_R.otf, DharmaSlabC_ExBold_I.otf, DharmaSlabC_ExBold_R.otf, DharmaSlabC_ExLight_I.otf, DharmaSlabC_ExLight_R.otf, DharmaSlabC_Heavy_I.otf, DharmaSlabC_Heavy_R.otf, DharmaSlabC_Light_I.otf, DharmaSlabC_Light_R.otf, DharmaSlabC_Regular_I.otf, DharmaSlabC_Regular_R.otf, DharmaSlabC_Thin_I.otf, DharmaSlabC_Thin_R.otf, DharmaSlabE_Bold_I.otf, DharmaSlabE_Bold_R.otf, DharmaSlabE_ExBold_I.otf, DharmaSlabE_ExBold_R.otf, DharmaSlabE_ExLight_I.otf, DharmaSlabE_ExLight_R.otf, DharmaSlabE_Heavy_I.otf, DharmaSlabE_Heavy_R.otf, DharmaSlabE_Light_I.otf, DharmaSlabE_Light_R.otf, DharmaSlabE_Regular_I.otf, DharmaSlabE_Regular_R.otf, DharmaSlabE_Thin_I.otf, DharmaSlabE_Thin_R.otf, DharmaSlabM_Bold_I.otf, DharmaSlabM_Bold_R.otf, DharmaSlabM_ExBold_I.otf, DharmaSlabM_ExBold_R.otf, DharmaSlabM_ExLight_I.otf, DharmaSlabM_ExLight_R.otf, DharmaSlabM_Heavy_I.otf, DharmaSlabM_Heavy_R.otf, DharmaSlabM_Light_I.otf, DharmaSlabM_Light_R.otf, DharmaSlabM_Regular_I.otf, DharmaSlabM_Regular_R.otf, DharmaSlabM_Thin_I.otf, DharmaSlabM_Thin_R.otf
Window Menu Name(s):Dharma Slab C Thin, Dharma Slab C Thin Italic, Dharma Slab C ExLight, Dharma Slab C ExLight Italic, Dharma Slab C Light, Dharma Slab C Light Italic, Dharma Slab C Regular, Dharma Slab C Regular Italic, Dharma Slab C Bold, Dharma Slab C Bold Italic, Dharma Slab C ExBold, Dharma Slab C ExBold Italic, Dharma Slab C Heavy, Dharma Slab C Heavy Italic, Dharma Slab M Thin, Dharma Slab M Thin Italic, Dharma Slab M ExLight, Dharma Slab M ExLight Italic, Dharma Slab M Light, Dharma Slab M Light Italic, Dharma Slab M Regular, Dharma Slab M Regular Italic, Dharma Slab M Bold, Dharma Slab M Bold Italic, Dharma Slab M ExBold, Dharma Slab M ExBold Italic, Dharma Slab M Heavy, Dharma Slab M Heavy Italic, Dharma Slab E Thin, Dharma Slab E Thin Italic, Dharma Slab E ExLight, Dharma Slab E ExLight Italic, Dharma Slab E Light, Dharma Slab E Light Italic, Dharma Slab E Regular, Dharma Slab E Regular Italic, Dharma Slab E Bold, Dharma Slab E Bold Italic, Dharma Slab E ExBold, Dharma Slab E ExBold Italic, Dharma Slab E Heavy, Dharma Slab E Heavy Italic

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