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Rayzor Volume

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Current Product Technical Details

Format:Mac PostScript
Product ID:IDKV025
Material Number:14203945
Technical Name(s):Rayzor-SharpOutline, Rayzor-SharpItalic, Rayzor-SharpOutlineItalic, Rayzor-Blunt, Rayzor-Sharp, Rayzor-BluntOutlineItalic, Rayzor-BluntOutline, Rayzor-BluntItalic
File Name(s):RayzoBlu, RayzoBlu.AFM, RayzoBluIta, RayzoBluIta.AFM, RayzoBluOut, RayzoBluOut.AFM, RayzoBluOutIta, RayzoBluOutIta.AFM, RAYZORâ„¢ Blu, RAYZORâ„¢ Blu Ita, RAYZORâ„¢ Out, RAYZORâ„¢ Out Ita, RAYZORâ„¢ Outline Ita, RAYZORâ„¢ Sha, RAYZORâ„¢ Sha Ita, RAYZORâ„¢ Sha Out, RayzoSha, RayzoSha.AFM, RayzoShaIta, RayzoShaIta.AFM, RayzoShaOut, RayzoShaOut.AFM, RayzoShaOutIta, RayzoShaOutIta.AFM
Window Menu Name(s):RayzorSharp Outline, RayzorSharp Italic, RayzorSharp Outline Italic, RayzorBlunt, RayzorSharp, RayzorBlunt Outline Italic, RayzorBlunt Outline, RayzorBlunt Italic

Other Products Technical Details

Format:Win TrueType
Product ID:IDKV025
Material Number:14603945
Technical Name(s):RayzorSharp, RayzorSharpItalic, RayzorBluntOutlineItalic, RayzorBluntOutline, RayzorSharpOutline, RayzorSharpOutlineItalic, RayzorBluntItalic, RayzorBlunt
File Name(s):rayzor_blunt.ttf, rayzor_blunt_it.ttf, rayzor_blunt_out.ttf, rayzor_blunt_out_it.ttf, rayzor_sharp.ttf, rayzor_sharp_it.ttf, rayzor_sharp_out.ttf, rayzor_sharp_out_it.ttf
Window Menu Name(s):RayzorSharp, RayzorSharp Italic, RayzorBlunt Outline Italic, RayzorBlunt Outline, RayzorSharp Outline, RayzorSharp Outline Italic, RayzorBlunt Italic, RayzorBlunt

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