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Linotype Gianotten Complete Family Pack

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Try this font now! Use the controls below to customize your text string and its appearance.

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Try this font now! Use the controls below to customize your text string and its appearance.


Current Product Technical Details

Format:Mac PostScript
Product ID:LV04519
Material Number:14204519
Technical Name(s):LinotypeGianotten-Regular, LinotypeGianotten-Black, LinotypeGianotten-Italic, LinotypeGianotten-Medium, LinotypeGianotten-MediumItalic, LinotypeGianottenSC-Light, LinotypeGianotten-Heavy, LinotypeGianotten-LightItalic, LinotypeGianotten-HeavyItalic, LinotypeGianotten-Light, LinotypeGianotten-BoldItalic, LinotypeGianotten-Bold
File Name(s):LinotGiaBla, LinotGiaBla.AFM, LinotGiaBol, LinotGiaBol.AFM, LinotGiaBolIta, LinotGiaBolIta.AFM, LinotGiaHea, LinotGiaHea.AFM, LinotGiaHeaIta, LinotGiaHeaIta.AFM, LinotGiaIta, LinotGiaIta.AFM, LinotGiaLig, LinotGiaLig.AFM, LinotGiaLigIta, LinotGiaLigIta.AFM, LinotGiaMed, LinotGiaMed.AFM, LinotGiaMedIta, LinotGiaMedIta.AFM, LinotGiaReg, LinotGiaReg.AFM, LinotGiaSCLig, LinotGiaSCLig.AFM, LinotypeGianotten Light, LinotypeGianotten Medium, LinotypeGianotten Regular, LinotypeGianotten SC Light
Window Menu Name(s):

Other Products Technical Details

Format:Win TrueType
Product ID:LV04519
Material Number:14604519
Technical Name(s):LinotypeGianotten-Italic, LinotypeGianotten-Medium, LinotypeGianotten-Bold, LinotypeGianotten-MediumItalic, LinotypeGianotten-Regular, LinotypeGianotten-Black, LinotypeGianotten-LightItalic, LinotypeGianotten-HeavyItalic, LinotypeGianottenSC-Light, LinotypeGianotten-Heavy, LinotypeGianotten-Light, LinotypeGianotten-BoldItalic
File Name(s):LT_54460.ttf, LT_54461.ttf, LT_54462.ttf, LT_54463.ttf, LT_54464.ttf, LT_54465.ttf, LT_54466.ttf, LT_54707.ttf, LT_54708.ttf, LT_54709.ttf, LT_54858.ttf, LT_54859.ttf
Window Menu Name(s):LTGianotten Regular, LTGianotten Medium, LTGianotten Light, LTGianotten Medium, LTGianotten Regular, LTGianotten Medium, LTGianotten Light, LTGianotten Regular, LTGianotten SC Light, LTGianotten Regular, LTGianotten Light, LTGianotten Light

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