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News/Sans Complete Family Pack

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Current Product Technical Details

Format:Mac PostScript
Product ID:000612036
Material Number:14206980
Technical Name(s):ATSansNumberOne-Heavy, ATNewsNumberTwo, ATSansNumberOne, ATNewsNumberFourteen-Bold, ATNewsNumberFourteen, ATNewsNumberFourteen-Italic, ATNewsNumberTwo-Bold, ATNewsNumberTwo-Italic
File Name(s):ATNewNumFou, ATNewNumFou.afm, ATNewNumFouBol, ATNewNumFouBol.afm, ATNewNumFouIta, ATNewNumFouIta.afm, ATNewNumTwo, ATNewNumTwo.afm, ATNewNumTwoBol, ATNewNumTwoBol.afm, ATNewNumTwoIta, ATNewNumTwoIta.afm, ATSanNumOne, ATSanNumOne.afm, ATSanNumOneHea, ATSanNumOneHea.afm, News_Sans_1, News_Sans_2
Window Menu Name(s):

Other Products Technical Details

Format:Win PostScript
Product ID:000612036
Material Number:14506980
Technical Name(s):ATNewsNumberTwo-Bold, ATNewsNumberFourteen, ATNewsNumberFourteen-Bold, ATNewsNumberFourteen-Italic, ATSansNumberOne, ATSansNumberOne-Heavy, ATNewsNumberTwo-Italic, ATNewsNumberTwo
File Name(s):NS14____.AFM, NS14____.INF, NS14____.PFB, ns14____.pfm, NS14B___.AFM, NS14B___.INF, NS14B___.PFB, ns14b___.pfm, NS14I___.AFM, NS14I___.INF, NS14I___.PFB, ns14i___.pfm, NS2_____.AFM, NS2_____.INF, NS2_____.PFB, ns2_____.pfm, NS2B____.AFM, NS2B____.INF, NS2B____.PFB, ns2b____.pfm, NS2I____.AFM, NS2I____.INF, NS2I____.PFB, ns2i____.pfm, NT1_____.AFM, NT1_____.INF, NT1_____.PFB, nt1_____.pfm, NT1H____.AFM, NT1H____.INF, NT1H____.PFB, nt1h____.pfm
Window Menu Name(s):ATNews Number Two, ATNews Number Fourteen, ATNews Number Fourteen, ATNews Number Fourteen, ATSans Number One, ATSans Number One Heavy, ATNews Number Two, ATNews Number Two

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