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ITC Stone Serif Multilingual

ITC Stone Serif was designed in 1987 by Sumner Stone with participation of Bob Ishi as a part of ITC Stone super-family. It consists of three subfamilies, Serif, Sans, and Informal, each consisting of three weights plus matching italics. ITC Stone solves the problem of mixing different styles of type on the same page. Typefaces, that aren't designed to work together, often have radically different characteristics such as cap heights, stem weights, and proportions and this cause a lot of problems in composition when you try to use them on the same page. To succeed, all of these designs had to interrelate with each other perfectly and still be able to stand on their own as distinctive typestyles. ITC Stone Serif is a modern version of the transitional" designs, it looks traditional and fresh at the same time. ITC Stone range of applications is virtually limitless. Fine books, annual reports, restaurant menus, business correspondence, corporate identity programs, movie credits and advertising campaigns have all been set with various faces from the family. Cyrillic version of ITC Stone Sans and ITC Stone Serif were developed by Vladimir Yefimov. The first family was released in 2011 and the second family in 2012."

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