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Cusp Complete Family Pack

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Current Product Technical Details

Format:Mac PostScript
Product ID:TCV0097
Material Number:14292001
Technical Name(s):Cusp-RounderOblique, Cusp-BevelOblique, Cusp-Loose, Cusp-DeStijl, Cusp-LooseOblique, Cusp-Dots, Cusp-HalfRound, Cusp-Rounder, Cusp-Bevel, Cusp-SquareOblique, Cusp-GlobularOblique, Cusp-HalfRoundOblique, Cusp-Square, Cusp-Globular
File Name(s):Cusp Bevel Oblique.suit, Cusp Bevel.suit, Cusp DeStijl.suit, Cusp Dots.suit, Cusp Globular Oblique.suit, Cusp Globular.suit, Cusp Half Round Oblique.suit, Cusp Half Round.suit, Cusp Loose Oblique.suit, Cusp Loose.suit, Cusp Rounder Oblique.suit, Cusp Rounder.suit, Cusp Square Oblique.suit, Cusp Square.suit, CuspBev, CuspBev.afm, CuspBevObl, CuspBevObl.afm, CuspDeSti, CuspDeSti.afm, CuspDot, CuspDot.afm, CuspGlo, CuspGlo.afm, CuspGloObl, CuspGloObl.afm, CuspHalRou, CuspHalRou.afm, CuspHalRouObl, CuspHalRouObl.afm, CuspLoo, CuspLoo.afm, CuspLooObl, CuspLooObl.afm, CuspRou, CuspRou.afm, CuspRouObl, CuspRouObl.afm, CuspSqu, CuspSqu.afm, CuspSquObl, CuspSquObl.afm
Window Menu Name(s):Cusp Rounder Oblique, Cusp Bevel Oblique, Cusp Loose, Cusp DeStijl, Cusp Loose Oblique, Cusp Dots, Cusp Half Round, Cusp Rounder, Cusp Bevel, Cusp Square Oblique, Cusp Globular Oblique, Cusp Half Round Oblique, Cusp Square, Cusp Globular

Other Products Technical Details

Format:Win TrueType
Product ID:TCV0097
Material Number:14692001
Technical Name(s):Cusp-Rounder, Cusp-HalfRound, Cusp-SquareOblique, Cusp-LooseOblique, Cusp-Dots, Cusp-RounderOblique3D, Cusp-HalfRoundOblique, Cusp-RounderOblique, Cusp-Globular, Cusp-Square, Cusp-LooseFill, Cusp-DeStijl, Cusp-Loose3D, Cusp-BevelOblique, Cusp-Loose, Cusp-Bevel, Cusp-RounderObliqueFill, Cusp-GlobularOblique
File Name(s):CuspB.ttf, CuspDeSt.ttf, CuspDots.ttf, CuspG.ttf, CuspGO.ttf, CuspHR.ttf, CuspHRO.ttf, CuspL.ttf, CuspL3D.ttf, CuspL3DF.ttf, CuspLO.ttf, CuspOB.ttf, CuspR.ttf, CuspRO.ttf, CuspRO3D.ttf, CuspROF.ttf, CuspS.ttf, CuspSO.ttf
Window Menu Name(s):Cusp Rounder, Cusp Half Round, Cusp Square Oblique, Cusp Loose Oblique, Cusp Dots, Cusp Rounder Oblique3D, Cusp Half Round Oblique, Cusp Rounder Oblique, Cusp Globular, Cusp Square, Cusp Loose Fill, Cusp DeStijl, Cusp Loose3D, Cusp Bevel Oblique, Cusp Loose, Cusp Bevel, Cusp Rounder Oblique Fill, Cusp Globular Oblique

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