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The World's Biggest Brands are using

  • Sony
  • Burger King
  • IBM
  • Timberland
  • Nike
  • Intel
  • McDonalds


With 40,000+ designs from leading foundries right at your fingertips, our selection & quality of type is unmatched. Included are thousands of hand-tuned fonts, specially crafted by our experts to look their best on screen.

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Gain access to tools such as Typecast, the revolutionary browser-based application for working with type. Paired with our Web fonts, its intuitive controls make our Typecast application an indispensable design tool.

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Our font delivery service is built upon a reliable, global network of servers. Our flexible solution provides multiple implementation options, including self-hosting for deploying fonts from your own servers.

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Top Web Fonts

Offering 40,000+ Designs From Leading Foundries

Best Font Selection

With the largest selection of Web fonts available, We’re also the exclusive home to the Helvetica®, Frutiger®, Univers®, Trade Gothic®, ITC Avant Garde® Gothic designs and hundreds of other celebrated typefaces relied upon by the world’s biggest brands.

Our Web fonts also provide access to an outstanding collection of hand tuned fonts, painstakingly crafted to perform superbly on screen.

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Utilize Your Subscription For Both Web & Print

Desktop Fonts

Interested in applying your designs to multiple mediums? Subscriptions to Web Fonts now offer plans featuring monthly allotments of Desktop Fonts. Now you have the creative freedom to apply your typographic designs across both online and print projects.

In addition, our new, first-of-its-kind Master plan offers unlimited Desktop Fonts, giving you ultimate control of your creative process.

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Desk with laptop and poster
Typecast menu

Browser-based App For Designing With Web Fonts


This revolutionary browser-based app takes the pain out of designing with type on the Web; the Typecast app’s suite of visual controls allows designers to efficiently style their Web fonts in precise detail, all while providing standards-compliant code produced behind the scenes.

Sample thousands of Web fonts with ease, plus use the Typecast app to generate style guides for your sites, perfect for sharing with your team. Plus, some of our upgraded subscriptions are bundled with Typecast team plans accommodating up to fifteen users.

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Support Over 40 Languages

Language Support

With support for more than 40 major languages, we offer coverage for the languages you rely on. We offer a wide selection of Basic Latin and Extended Latin varieties to address Western and Eastern European languages in addition to a broad offering of non-Latin fonts for other commonly used languages.

Our dynamic subsetting technology overcomes the challenges of serving East Asian fonts.

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Different languages in use
Example of each publishing option

Utilize Your Subscription For Both The Web & Print

Publishing Options

We believe more choices are better and provide a number of ways to implement our font delivery service. Choose from our JavaScript or our CSS-based, non-JavaScript publishing method and let us serve fonts for you.

Additionally, we offer a self-hosting option that provides everything you need to deploy Web fonts from your own servers.

Built on Exclusive, Reliable Technology

Expert typographic features built on a platform you can depend on.

Opentype Control

Enable fine typography by designing with ligatures, alternate characters, fractions and other advanced typographic features. Our technology ensures OpenType features can be rendered, even on older browsers lacking native OpenType feature support.

Dynamic Subsetting

East Asian languages use thousands of characters making the fonts that support these languages very large in size. Our patent-pending dynamic subsetting technology makes it possible to deliver East Asian fonts on the Web by reducing the character set to those needed to render the page.

CSS Sucker

A helpful utility for users of blogs, templates and those not hand-coding their sites, the CSS Sucker identifies CSS selectors used on your site, allowing you to easily apply Web fonts without diving too deeply into the code.

Browser Support

We maintain our service to ensure support for all major browsers to make certain your site displays as intended no matter what browser or device your visitors use.

Global Server Network

Our fonts are served by a powerful and reliable network. With servers located across the globe, we can ensure maximum speed and exceptional reliability no matter where your visitors are.

Standards Compliant

A helpful utility for users of blogs, templates and those not hand-coding their sites, the CSS Sucker identifies CSS selectors used on your site, allowing you to easily apply Web fonts without diving too deeply into the code.

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