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Merlault, Alexis

Alexis Merlault lives, works, and draws beautiful typefaces in France. His designs, although based on classic typographic forms and proportions, are unique among text designs. Merlault typefaces are able to do what few text fonts can accomplish: be immediately recognized as something new and different and still maintain the highest levels of legibility and versatility.

Merlault’s Esquisse, a design loaded with charisma, is a perfect example of his remarkable talent. At large sizes, it has the strength and character of letters carved in stone. In text copy, the design softens into a distinctive, yet remarkably legible typeface design.

Équilibre Gauche, is another face equally suited to text and display typography. At large sizes its sturdy character proportions and individualistic letter shapes give the design power and presence. At text sizes, the individual letters have a strength and personality of their own.

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