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Evans, Jean

Jean Evans & JenTwo of Jean Evans’ early interests in life emerged at age eight. They were tennis and writing script letterforms. One was pursued to satisfy her need to run and jump and make big motions in the air and the other to quiet down, center and focus on details. She continues along these lines although the forms keep evolving. She practices tai chi, calligraphic illustration, and type design and works with children in her daughter’s K-8 school helping publish the yearly arts and literary magazine.

Ms. Evans’ training includes an introduction to drawn letters and calligraphy in college and an avid study with master calligraphers and type designers thereafter. She continued teaching herself about lettering and type at the Klingspor Museum in Germany and the Houghton Library at Harvard. Ms. Evans’ works have been exhibited and collected around the globe and her distinctive calligraphic style has been selected for recognition by leading trade organizations, annuals and publications.

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