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Mark Harris

Growing up between the prairies of Oklahoma and the foothills of California's Santa Monica mountains, Mark decided to make monster movies with his super 8 camera at the age of twelve, and they were good. After graduating high school he worked in a local foundry melting and pouring steel and aluminum into 1200 degree ceramic molds from a blast furnace, this job sucked so much it drove him to college. After obtaining a degree in cinematography he spent the next 10 years in the aerospace industry shooting missiles, rockets, jets and secret government stuff. Fun as it was jaunting between remote military bases and naval ships far out to sea, he decided to move on and fling his talents into the biotech arena. The next 10 years opened a door to science, technology and the wonder of healing. Today he produces documentaries, rock videos and 3D animation's for a really big ass Biotech company just down the street from his house. Life is good. He has also been sighted traveling through Baja and about the southwest participating in archeological digs and dabbling in photojournalism. His work has been featured in a world history text book, Westways, Hot Rod, Aviation Week, and Time magazines. Somewhere during all this he studied typography at UCLA. "Traditionally type design is based on metrics, that is an exact numerical relationship between points, curves and position. The weight (how the type covers the page) should be a major concern in your character forms. Many typefaces that appear to be freeform, or calligraphic were in fact carefully and mathematically executed. I know this to be true because I read it somewhere.".. He up and retired to writing songs and poetry in the just finished backyard greenhouse. More to come...

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