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Pierre Simon Fournier

Pierre Simon Fournier – born 15. 9. 1712 in Paris, France, died 8. 10. 1768 in Paris, France – type founder, punch cutter, type designer – known as Fournier le Jeune.

  • 1737: Develops a typographical system of measures which F. A. Didot reworks.
  • 1739: Opens his own type foundry.
  • 1742: Publishes a book of type specimens which is printed by J. J. Barbou. In total, Fournier cuts 60,000 punches for c. 150 of his own alphabets.
  • 1760: Completes his design for a system of musical notation which is patented in 1762 and which is produced in various sizes in 1764.
  • 1768: Fournier’s widow and son continue to run the type foundry after Fournier’s death.

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