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Rudolf Koch

Rudolf Koch – born 20.11.1876 in Nuremberg, Germany, died 9.4.1934 in Offenbach, Germany – type designer, typographer, calligrapher, teacher.

  • 1892-96: trains as an engraver in Hanau.
  • 1896-97: trains as an art teacher at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Nuremberg and at the Technische Hochschule in Munich.
  • 1911-24: publishes the "Rudolfinische Drucke" with Rudolf Gerstung.
  • 1921: founds the Offenbacher Werkgemeinschaft at the Technische Lehranstalt Offenbach.
  • 1930: is awarded a honorary doctorate by the faculty of Evangelical theology at the University of Munich.
  • 1934: Koch’s work is caried on by his son Paul (died 1943) who runs a workshop in Frankfurt.

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