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Trying & Buying Fonts Has Never Been Easier

Quickly Preview Thousands of Fonts Directly from Your InDesign Document

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Plug-in for Adobe InDesign CS5 & 5.5
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Experiment with the Entire Inventory of 150,000+ Fonts for Free

What exactly is FontGazer?

FontGazer is a free InDesign plug-in that allows you to try out new fonts while designing. You can also purchase and install your fonts without ever leaving InDesign, allowing you to get back to designing.

FontGazer is available for InDesign CS5 and 5.5. We’ve got big plans for FontGazer and hope to announce additional application support and other new features. Stay tuned. In the meantime, if you have feedback or suggestions, please let us know.

Is it really free?


It’s our goal to make finding and trying the right typeface as easy as possible. We hope that FontGazer makes shopping for type quick, fun and easy.

Using FontGazer in 7 Simple Steps

1 Download & Drop

Download FontGazer and unzip the file.
For Macintosh, drop the FontGazer Plug-in into the Adobe InDesign plug-in folder.
For Windows, drop the FontGazer folder into the Adobe InDesign plug-in folder.

2 Launch & Create

Launch Adobe® InDesign® CS5 or CS5.5 and create a new document, or open an existing file.

3 Launch FontGazer

Launch FontGazer Under the Window menu, select FontGazer to launch the plug-in.

4 Select Your Text

Launch FontGazer Within InDesign, use the application’s Selection tool to select a text block.

5 Search for Fonts

Launch FontGazer Within FontGazer, use the search box or other tools to search the entire inventory by category, keyword, usage or theme.

6 Try Fonts

Launch FontGazer Click the + next to a font family result to reveal all of the font styles associated with the family. Click the + next to a font style to display the font formats available for that typeface. Click the Try button to preview your InDesign text in the typeface.

See something you like? Click the Buy button to add a typeface to your cart.

7 Shop From Your Doc

Launch FontGazer

Click the Checkout button to complete your purchase through FontGazer. *

Upon downloading your font, you’ll have the option of installing your font – all without leaving InDesign. *

* This feature is currently only available in the Mac version of FontGazer. FontGazer for Windows will add products to a cart and direct users to to complete their transaction.