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Past Flash Sales

ITC Stone Sans II

Sumner Stone’s ITC Stone Sans II builds on the earlier ITC Stone Sans design to provide a highly attractive and versatile typeface family. 

Linotype Centennial

A transitional serif possessing exceptional legibility, the Linotype Centennial collection was designed by type luminary Adrian Frutiger.

ITC Legacy Sans

A sans serif design by Ron Arnholm, the ITC Legacy Sans family is an attractive addition to the serif and square serif variations of this superfamily.

ITC Obliqua

A handsome humanist sans designed by César Puertas, the ITC Obliqua family is a perfect choice for projects in need of a friendly, legible typeface.

Harmonia Sans

The Harmonia Sans typeface combines designer Jim Wasco’s favorite aspects of classic geometric sans faces with an elegant un-geometric twist.


One of Adrian Frutiger’s groundbreaking designs, the Univers family excels not only as a typeface of great utility, but one of simple, modern beauty.

ITC Chino

A spirited offering designed by Hannes von Döhren, the sans serif ITC Chino family offers five weights (from light to black) as well as an additional two display styles.

ITC Blair

A modern, versatile design based on sans serif typefaces popular early in the 20th century, the ITC Blair family features uppercase letters that are very wide, giving the font a panoramic feel.


A must-have slab serif for any designer’s library, the Rockwell family is a strong and structural type family — its lighter weights are wiry and affable, while heavier weights are stout, solid and attention grabbing.  

Clarendon LT

A classic from the Linotype library, the Clarendon LT family is a stout slab serif perfect for display typography needing punch. A generous span of weights give this family great versatility.


Adrian Frutiger’s design is an indispensible modern classic; suited for a wealth projects, the Avenir family is a go-to choice for branding, publication, and packaging design.

ITC Officina

This offering from the Linotype Library possesses an extraordinary flexibility and versatility — a perfect design system for use in branding or for corporate design needs.

Monotype News Gothic

A workhorse grotesque sans inspired by Morris Fuller Benton’s early 20th century design, the Monotype News Gothic collection is suitable for a host of design applications both in print and on screen.

ITC Handel Gothic

A clean industrial sans-serif design from Rod McDonald, the ITC Handel Gothic family combines smooth geometric curves and sharp rectangular terminals for a modern aesthetic.


A sturdy slab serif suite from legendary type designer Adrian Frutiger, the Glypha family’s lighter weights are well suited for branding and body text needs, while heavier weights provide a distinct visual punchiness.

Biome Basic

The Biome superfamily possesses an aesthetic both organic and mechanical, as well as futuristic. The collection’s soft corners and distinctive character shapes make the family a natural for branding, packaging and advertising.


A sans-serif design by Robin Nicholas, Linotype’s Felbridge family was designed to be an ideal typeface for the web and electronic media. The rounded characters were subtly squared off to make better use of the screen's rectilinear grid.

Antique Olive

Crafted by Roger Excoffon, this suite of designs feature letterforms imbued with humanistic influences. Additionally, a large x-height affords the family a decidedly buoyant personality, making it both approachable and legible.

Neue Aachen

“Despite its limited range of weights, Aachen has been a surprisingly popular design,” says Jim Wasco, the designer of this new interpretation. “I knew that additional weights would expand the reach of the face even further.”

ITC Galliard

Crafted by type designer Matthew Carter and inspired by the letterforms of the 16th century master Robert Granjon, the ITC Galliard family features the dignified, handsome strokes afforded to old style typefaces.

ITC Franklin Gothic

The ITC Franklin Gothic typeface family retains the personality and character of the original ATF Franklin Gothic, with only a slight increase in x-height and character width to distinguish it from the earlier version. A workhorse suited for a myriad of display and body text uses.

ITC American Typewriter

This typographic classic is lively and well-suited for a breadth of design uses — including packaging, branding, book and publication work. While inspired by the aesthetic ethos of analog typewriters, the design is quite powerful: it possesses a distinct degree of legibility and readability.


The Agmena typeface family is a fine melding of digital technology and beautifully crafted Renaissance fonts. Not based on any single typeface, it incorporates the finest qualities of early Roman designs, interpreting them as remarkably powerful OpenType Pro fonts.

ITC Kabel

The ITC Kabel family is a gregarious sans serif design originally designed by Rudolf Koch, and subsequently revived through ITC by Victor Caruso. A geometric sans, the family also shows hints of humanist and calligraphic considerations.


A slab serif design rendered with a humanist influence, the Amasis family was crafted by the noted British graphic artist and type designer Ron Carpenter. It’s almost industrial look retains a delicate elegance: a combination that is quite difficult to accomplish.

ITC Serif Gothic

An unforgettable design from Herb Lubalin and Tony Di Spigna, this family possesses both flair and seriousness. With six weights ranging from light to black, the collection is an excellent selection for branding, signage, posters, or other headline display needs.

Sackers Gothic

A sans serif design from Monotype, the Sackers Gothic family is dignified and elegant; its all-caps design conveys a sense of authority (especially its heavy style), while expertly curved letterforms afford it a gracefulness.

Best Sellers Pack

With versatile typefaces designed by Jim Wasco, Rod McDonald, and Axel Bertram, this suite of best-selling selections can be effortlessly paired for functional typographic hierarchy in your design projects..

PMN Caecilia

Crafted by Peter Matthias Noordzij, the PMN Caecilia family features modern slab serif designs that are sturdy but beautiful, utilitarian but with a distinctly friendly personalities.

Egyptian Slate

A slab serif design from Rod McDonald, the Egyptian Slate family possesses a sturdiness of structure — the collection’s light style (while wiry) is quite resilient, and the bold weight’s colossal letterforms demand attention.


A sans serif design from Ong Chong Wah, this family possesses a handsome combination of both humanist and neo-grotesque traits, making it an excellent choice for branding applications as well as both body text and display settings.


Designed by Felix Bonge, the of OpenType features make Levato a versatile typeface, suitable for advertising headlines in all media, distinctive blocks of display copy and lively magazine spreads.


Designed by Sebastian Lester, this modern slab serif design offers versatility for corporate identity, product branding, text or display use. These OpenType Pro selections feature stylistic sets, including a wide variety of alternate characters, as well as ligatures and small caps.

Avenir Next Rounded

Linotype’s addition of a rounded styling to the Avenir Next typeface family is perfect for designers looking for type with both a friendly and contemporary twist.

ITC Avant Garde Gothic

Featuring its trademark interlocking letterforms, the ITC Avant Garde Gothic design is a geometric sans serif imbued with a distinct debonair spirit. The inception of this typeface is rooted in Herb Lubalin’s groundbreaking logo concept for Avant Garde magazine.


Trade Gothic

Developed by Jackson Burke, Linotype’s Trade Gothic family is a robust collection of 14 strapping typefaces. Strong, sturdy and solid, Trade Gothic is a reliable – and essential – part of any designer’s type toolkit. Exceptionally adroit for display typography, Trade Gothic is available in a variety of styles for both condensed, regular, and extended widths.

ITC Conduit

Designed by Mark van Bronkhorst, the ITC Conduit typeface family is both a modern and expressive offering. While the face's individual letterforms have unique quirks – such as the curious lowercase t – together the design is functional, versatile, and forward-thinking. Alternate glyphs for select letterforms also provide aesthetic variety.

Neo Sans

Designed by Sebastian Lester for Monotype Imaging, the Neo Sans typeface family is not simply forward-looking, but aesthetically balanced. Lester describes the designs as “legible without being neutral, nuanced without being fussy and expressive without being distracting.”