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Gopher Mono

By Adam Ladd

Adam Ladd
Adam Ladd
Gopher Mono is a reverse contrast, monospace sans serif typeface. This 16 font family ranges in weight from thin to black, with italics. The design provides a unique look to the monospaced genre by using a contrast where the vertical strokes are a little thinner with horizontal strokes thicker. While monospaced fonts are typically used for smaller body text, the slightly unusual quirks of a reverse contrast design make it interesting enough to also use for display treatments. So style and function are blended. Pair Gopher Mono with the Gopher Display, Normal, and Text families—with varying degrees of reverse contrast being the design thread that unites them all together. Gopher Mono includes features to enhance your typography: Stylistic alternate ""a"", Case-sensitive punctuation for All Caps, Fractions, superscript, subscript, Slashed zero, Arrow icons. This font has extensive Latin language support (100+ Latin languages) for Western, Central, and South Eastern European. Gopher Mono will find its home in a variety of settings for branding, advertising, magazines, editorial, packaging, and more.
Sans Serif