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This Adobe originals type font began as a private font requested by Chris Warnock for his father‘s personal use. It was designed by award-winning long time Adobe staff designer Robert Slimbach in honor of John Warnock, the co-founder of Adobe Systems. Slimbach wanted to design a font that mirrored the visionary spirit that Warnock embodied for Adobe, and found it in this classic and yet still contemporary family of fonts.

The Warnock® Type Composition Family was created by Adobe staff designer Robert Slimbach. He began work on the font design in the year 1987 to honor the co-founder of Adobe John Warnock. It was originally designed at the request of Warnock‘s son Chris and was used for the in-house invitation to celebrate Warnock‘s 60th birthday in 2000. What began as a single font type three years later had evolved into a full-fledged family of fonts and so by 2000 the decision was made to move it from a private font to a release for wider distribution under the name Warnock Pro.

In July 2000, at TypeCon 2000, Adobe announced the release of Warnock Pro and Warnock Pro Optical, both of which contained extended character sets and Open Type features. This font is full-featured and state-of-the art with a wide range of optical sizes and weights and has a total of 32 fonts. The Warnock family includes four weights light, regular, semibold and bold that are available for each of the four ranges. Those optical ranges are caption, text, subhead and display and are available in two styles roman and italic. The addition of a wide variety of glyphs has made the Adobe Warnock Pro font one of the more powerful fonts on the market today.

The Warnock Pro font was among the winners of the 2001 Type Directors Club Type Design Competition. In December of 2010, Warnock Pro was released as a webfont. In August of 2007 Smashing Magazine named Warnock Pro as one of the “80 Beautiful Typefaces for Professional Design.”

Identifont – Warnock
Linotype – Warnock
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Town of Claresholm

In 2005 CFO Magazine did a complete redesign that incorporated the Warnock typeface as the primary font for the publication.

The Brokerage Firm J.P. Turner & Co. uses Warnock Pro as its corporate font for all secondary text in advertising for both print and on the web.

The southern Alberta town of Claresholm launched its new corporate image with the choice of Warnock for its city logo in 2007.

The Indiana University of Pennsylvania uses the Warnock Pro font for the URL address in the official nameplate of the university.

The online reference tool Wikipedia uses the Warnock Pro font for the Cyrillic lettering in the logo at the top of each page for that language.

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