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AlQuds Monhani

By AlQuds Fonts

Vladimir Tamari
AlQuds Fonts

Simple, elegant, readable, AlQuds Monhani is suitable for use in anything from a a geography textbook, a magazine article, signage for a university, a label for a coffee can, a poster for a fashion show, or a dinner menu. AlQuds Monhani is a family of fonts with more curvaceous elements than its geometrical original, AlQuds. In AlQuds Monhani the letters connect with curved joints. The median ha has a nice flourish, and the initial letters start with gentle curves, giving the font an especially elegant atmosphere. Please compare AlQuds with AlQuds Monhani to decides which one is more appropriate for your text. For a fuller description please download the pdf brochure. For best quality, we recommend purchasing multiple weights such as Regular and Bold (or best yet the entire family package) so as to avoid unintended results if you try to use a font style option and that exact weight is not available.