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Veritas AE

By Altered Ego

Brian Sooy
Altered Ego
Veritas is a four-weight serif text family. It is a narrow-width typeface, with a taller x-height than Times Roman for added legibility, but maintains a similar character count in text. It is typeface designed for publication, newspaper (anywhere where narrow columns are necessary) and identity design. It is exquisitely spaced and kerned, even in European characters. The Digital Type Review says of Veritas: “I find Veritas to be highly legible and just stylish enough to be a pleasure to read. What’s more, the heavier weights retain the legibility and elegance of the regular weight. The italic just gets better, and both the roman and italic are carefully spaced Veritas is one of the most important contributions (and one of the only multiple master families) from any independent foundry. It is sturdy and incredibly useful”