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Verve AE

By Altered Ego

Brian Sooy
Altered Ego
A single weight of the Verve AEF font. All weights of Verve feature a complete Adobe character set with kerning and fit to match. The alternate characters offer some variations on s,f,h,j,k,S,T,Y and others, plus this font has the Euro symbol.

Verve is the fourth in an on-going series of condensed typefaces that I’ve been designing since 1989. My concept was to create an elegant condensed typeface that would be a typeface for the millennium, in style and functionality.

At the very core of all my designs is a typographic problem I wanted to solve. Verve addresses this without copying or borrowing from its predecessors.

There’s the challenge of creating a rich and interesting typeface with an austerity of line and elegance of form. I’m a minimalist by nature but I wanted Verve to have a sensuous feel in certain respects yet have that sensuality balanced by the uniformity of the uniform character widths. Gottfried Pott always stresses theme and variation, and point and counterpoint, and that’s what I’m doing in Verve. What one finds in musical composition is evident in Verve.

Perfect for book covers, CD packaging, club flyers, retail packaging (especially bottles!), identity design and multimedia. The adventurous can try it in text, but it will give you a headache. The beauty of Verve is in the size and weight variations which create a rich typographic texture in this font.