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Kufi Mutamathil

By Arabetics

Saad D. Abulhab
Kufi Mutamathil is an Arabetic (extended Arabic) typeface design with heavy Arabic Kufi calligraphy accent, both on a single letter level and in an overall text look and feel. Although Kufi, the earliest Arabic calligraphy style, is often described as “stiff”, it is in fact a very flexible style. The Kufi Mutamathil typeface design underlines this calligraphy style flexibility and openness through visualizing a very legible Mutamathil design with Kufi shapes. The Mutamathil type style utilizes only one isolated glyph per Arabic Unicode character or letter, as defined in Unicode Standards. It is a very light style which does not require any standard glyph substitutions or the shaping engine. The Kufi Mutamathil font family employs variable, unrestricted, x-height values. It comes in regular and left-slanted italic styles. Kufi Mutamathil includes all required Lam-Alif ligatures. Soft-vowel diacritic marks, or harakat, are selectively positioned with the majority of them appearing on the same level, over or below, following a letter, to ensure that they would not interfere with individual glyphs appearance. Kashida, or tatweel, (shft-j) is a zero-width character. Keying it before Alif-Lam-Lam-Ha will display the Allah ligature. Kufi Mutamathil includes both Arabic and Arabic-Indic numerals, in addition to all Standard English keyboard punctuations and major currency symbols.