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By Artegra

Ceyhun Birinci

Habenera's design is based on the idea of taking perfectionist geometric shapes and making them funky! With gentle tweaks here and there, the glyphs are deliberately designed to look more humane and fun. Same fonts are also presented with round corners, giving it an even more gentle look.

Latin poster design and graphic art was an inspiration to design Habanera, so it has Latin vibes all around it. The end result is a clean legible text font that can also work nicely as a display font for big, fun headlines. It has 7 weights with true italics in each normal and rounded set, also there are extra fonts with outlines, shadow and 3D styles to get even more funky. From designs for children to packaging, posters, mobile apps and games, it's perfectly suitable for any design wherever you need to brighten the mood.