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Ascender Uni

By Ascender

Ascender Typestudio

Ascenderâ„¢ Uni is a proportionally spaced comprehensive Unicode-compatible font with support for the Unicode Standard, v2.1 (supporting most major code pages and character sets in modern use). Ascender Uni is a 39MB TrueType (TTF) font with approximately 53,000 glyphs. The Latin and related glyphs (designed by Steve Matteson) are Sans Serif, with Gothic ideographs drawn in Japanese style, and complementary styles for other scripts. There are also versions of Ascender Uni that provide localized support for Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. OpenType layout support is included for Arabic (initial, medial, final, isolate, and required ligature forms, as well as basic mark positioning), and vertical writing for CJK locales (consisting mostly of Latin, symbol, punctuation, and kana glyph variants). Character Set: Latin-1, WGL Pan-European (Eastern Europe, Cyrillic, Greek and Turkish), Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Arabic. NOTE: Not all applications provide complete support for all the glyphs in this Unicode font.

Grotesque Sans
Sans Serif