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Ford's Folly™

By Ascender

Jim Ford

The Ford's Folly™ typeface family captures the essence of Jim Ford’s handwriting with a Sharpie™ Extra Fine felt pen.
He developed Ford’s Folly into a massive Pan-European character set that supports Western and Eastern Europe, Cyrillic, Greek and Turkish. It is a lively yet sophisticated handwriting font and advanced typographic features for use with OpenType-savvy applications.

Ford's Folly is an enjoyable and attractive handwriting font that is great for greeting cards, menus, advertisements, scrapbooking and many other projects that can benefit a personal appearance.

Because it is intended to replicate handwriting, there is an optimal size range where Ford’s Folly looks most natural: 16-point to 24-point. When it is enlarged beyond the optimal size, jaggedness begins to appear in the character strokes. There are also subtle – and not-so-subtle – details incorporated into the design that gives it its authenticity. If it is set above 24-point, these details become apparent and detract from the handwritten, and spontaneous quality of the design.

The name “Ford's Folly”? It was a fun-filled annual party that Ford’s uncle threw for his piano students. Ford and his sister briefly took lessons from their uncle – but continued to attend his parties long after their lessons came to an end.