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By Ascender

Steve Matteson

The Mayberry® is an extensive family of 14 OpenType fonts. Mayberry was initially designed by Steve Matteson to emulate the technical behavior of a font family called Tiresias™ for use in set top TV devices and user interfaces.

Mayberry is a significant improvement in aesthetics and functionality over Tiresias. Mayberry includes true italics and a wide range of weights to provide the highest quality and readability on low resolution devices, while also featuring a range of OpenType features that will appeal to creative professionals. Mayberry is a slightly condensed humanist sans serif which allows for more readable text in a narrower column. Open counters and upright stress help keep the design of Mayberry readable at low resolutions. A significant amount of care has been given to design subtleties allowing the design to function well at large sizes.

The Mayberry character set supports Cyrillic, Greek, Central and Eastern European, Turkish and Baltic, Mayberry also includes a slashed zero for use where absolute distinction between 'O' and zero is a concern. Also included are typographic features such as old-style figures, fractions, superior and inferior numbers for use with applications that provide advanced OpenType typographic support.

A set of closed captioning symbols and arrows add to the font's versatility in interface design.