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Reileta started years ago as a sketch for a branding project. Like a lot of my fonts, I would pick it up and work on it for a bit and then have to concentrate on another project. Eventually I came at it with a new perspective, which is always fun. As I was designing it, I was thinking about craft of woodtype and also 70’s Dutch design. The result is a dramatic typeface with personality that is also clean and fun to use. Reileta has a simple structure that gives the user the ability to style as needed. That is always one of our challenges: to create a typeface with personality, but also to give it a solid foundation for the end-user. We added little notches to soften Reileta up and help with legibility. As the typeface gets larger, you are able to see these details. We also spent a lot of time making alternates, support for many languages and making sure the spacing and kerning was perfect. We hope you agree!