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Bilokos Pro

By AukimVisuel

Audry Makelele

Bilokos Pro is a cool and modern display font. Designed by experts to make your design look out of this world, this font has the potential to take your creative ideas far.

This is a condensed sans serif display font. On the one hand, it has rounded curves with very open terminals that make this font family elegant, user-friendly and contemporary and on the other hand very useful for writing titles in any medium. It also comes with stylistic variations of 0-9, A-Z and a-z to satisfy the most demanding professionals.

It has OpenType features like full ligatures, tabular figures for tables, old style figures to elegantly insert numbers into your sentences. With its large character set, it meets the needs of professionals because it will support several languages ¿¿of Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Greek and Cyrillic for international communication.