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Nicholas Garner
Corsica is an all-purpose geometric sans-serif typeface of visually uniform stroke thickness. The design seeks to be reminiscent of classic 20th Century grotesques with a crisp modern appearance and opentype features that are now expected. Coverage includes most Roman languages, Greek and basic Cyrillic. Each font contains a standard set of features including fractions, small capitals etc. The family contains six weights, two widths and three lowercase size options, together with an italic variant for each. The are three standard 4-font families for each size variant and a further three corresponding families for Condensed versions. The versatility provided by this extensive family has many useful applications. In particular, the choice of small, medium and large lowercase letter sizes (SX, MX, LX) allows designers to select an appropriate style for suitable impact and legibility in different situations such as headlines, captions, signage, web menus etc. Although each of the three size options will work equally well in most situations, the middle size (Corsica MX) would generally be the preferred choice for lengthy texts.
Sans Serif
Geometric Sans