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Animated Gothic

By BA Graphics

Bob Alonso
BA Graphics
A great animated fun design. Works really well for kid's stuff and children's books.

In 1966, Bob Alonso was drafted into the US Army. After completing my basic training he was assigned to a graphic arts department in Okinawa.

Alonso's very first assignment was working with a very talented Illustrator. The Illustrator was commissioned to illustrate a light hearted poster depicting how troops should conduct themselves in a foreign country. Alonso was shocked when he was told that he had to hand letter the title right on the original piece of art work the illustrator just spent over two weeks working on. "I could hardly stop my hand from shaking long enough to complete the hand lettering" says Alonso. However, it turned out a success and the final 2 foot by 3 foot poster was printed and sent to all the military bases. The original art hung in the commanding officers office.

Thirty years later Alonso decided to make a complete font out of that original headline from that poster. Unfortunately the original poster was long gone but he was able to remember his original lettering. He named it Animated Gothic, which is available in two weights.