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By Besnard

Michel Besnard

Our friend Gilles kept complaining that his mail was occasionally sent back to his home address. He came to think that it was certainly due to his writing which was more and more difficult to decipher as the shaking of his hand was getting worse.

We chose to create a standard version of his writing style with its special Hebrew characteristic. In handwriting the same letters inside a word undergo subtle alterations. From this established fact we came to the decision of making similar vowels with accents look different.

When Gilles discovered our work, he declared “yes, it's my writing all right, but this time it's clear” and his face brightened. We designed two versions for the new typeface “Gilde regular and Gilde light”. The name is coined from the first three letters of his firstname and the first two letters of his lastname. We were particularly attentive to the kerning of letters written in pairs, the readability of “Gilde” being our main objective.