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Modern B42

By Besnard

Michel Besnard

If Joan of Arc had reached her 29th birthday she might have been able to read and explore the first bible printed with Gutenberg's mobile typefaces. After a careful study of Gutenberg's mobile types created around 1440, we redesigned them, not with ink and pen, but with our contemporary writing tools such as felt pens. As a result the drawing of the letters looks different but is graphically attractive. The name of this new fount is « Modern B42 » in memory of the bible printed in 42 lines by Gutenberg between 1452 and 1455. We created 4 different versions : first, the « Modern B42 Regular », then , the « Modern B42 Regular Italics » ( though Italics was unknown in Gutenberg's days!), then, the « Modern B42 Bold » which is quite close to the look of old prints with a little too much ink, and finally, the « Modern B42 Letters » whose capitals are adorned by graphic additions to make them look like ornemented initial letters, the matching lower-case types being simply small capitals.

It is true to say that we know little of Joan of Arc and Gutenberg's relationships with books and manuscripts, but there is a continuous link between them and us through writing.