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The word "pâte" comes from "pasta" in Latin,and it was formerly written "paste". The now familiar food we call noodle or pasta was created in China in the 5th millenium B.C. Legend has it that it was introduced into Europe by Marco Polo travelling back from China in 1295. He then gave its precious discovery a new fame in Venice. The Pasta typeface with its round shapes, its soft curves, its serifs, its fine proportions and a mixture of other refinements, contributes to giving a gourmet look to this font. Pasta Regular displays sweet round shapes with soft and tasty lines. It must be enjoyed with delicacy. Pasta Bold has more dough and it looks plumper. You will consume it with more greed. Pasta Ultra Bold is beautiful wrapped to enjoy without moderation. The Small Cap versions are complements that you can't bypass if you wish to make your menu fuller. It's been concocted with all our heart.You will choose them for your titles and fine texts, with a subtle inky sauce and a seasoning of colours.

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