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Scan is literally a barcode font, made of actual barcodes, shaped in De Stijl style. It’s a monospace, all caps font with two different barcodes per letter. These offer the user a choice of a heavier look with the upper case and a lighter look with the lower case. Numbers & letters each have their own distinct barcodes. Also included are an alternate K and R. This font offers numerous ways to create artistic presentations with its unusual design. In certain contexts it has a foreboding look of impending doom, or a cool, cutting edge futuristic look, which lends itself to artwork for album covers, video games, movies, television, novels, and more. It can even have a whimsical look with the use of different colors for its individual bars. Some renderings reveal a ridged or textured look, even a 3D or three dimensional look. Scan gives the user a very high degree of creative potential! Digitized by John Bomparte.

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