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Bunday Clean

By Buntype

Bunday Clean is a minimalist and friendly font family with different moods. It drops everything unnecessary like spurs and ears and appears crisp and contemporary with a slightly squarish touch. Like the other members of the superfamily (Bunday™ Sans and Bunday™ Slab), Bunday Clean provides uprights, a second set of styles with characters that reference handwritten cursive. These curvy styles give words a distinct look and are especially attractive for use in display applications and logotype design. Bunday™ Clean is space-saving and creates a homogenous text color with good legibility. The font was manually hinted and contains extensive handcrafted kerning tables to ensure perfect appearance in all media. It ships with 9 standard, 9 upright, and the corresponding italic styles from a considerably thin hairline to a quite thick heavy. It supports at least 99 languages and provides OpenType® features for ligatures, alternative glyphs, localized forms, and much more. Feature Summary*: -4 Moods: Normal, Upright, Italic and Upright Italic -9 weights: Hair, Light, Thin, SemiLight, Regular, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold and Heavy -Supports at least 99 Languages incl. eastern european -Overall width: Narrow or Space-Saving -Advanced f- ligature set including fb -Discretionary s- and c- ligatures -Alternative Characters: a, e, f, g, l, t, y, A, E, F, L, and more -Capital German Eszett -Extra characters with Polish Kreska -Catalan Punt Volat -More than 570 characters per font * Some features may only be available in OpenType®-savvy applications Please, take a look at the other Bunday superfamily members: Bunday™ Sans Bunday™ Slab