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Bunita Swash™

By Buntype

A CONTEMPORARY SCRIPT Based on a contemporary, modern sans, Bunita™ Swash was inspired by traditional calligraphic script and handwritten typefaces. The result is an outstanding script font with low contrast, a large x-height and open counters which also provides a huge variety of ligatures, swashed or ribbonized characters and styles. Bunita™ Swash is always beautiful and friendly. But it can also be cute, formal or elegant. All Depends on your choices from the numerous automated opentype formatting options. Bunita Swash Specimen PDF FEATURES: Bunita™ is available in 8 styles with ranging from Hair to ExtraBold. Each style contains more than 1600 characters for at least 58 languages. 1100 of them are alternate characters for contextual, swash and ligature replacements. USE: Due to the high customizability, Bunita™ Swash will fit a wide range of needs in various applications from large ambient displays to complex corporate designs. The customization options of Bunita™ Swash are not only very comprehensive, they are all automated. All alternatives, ligatures and swashes can be switched on and off via OpenType® features like ‘Contextual Alternates’. The placement of all alternatives will be calculated by the font itself depended on the character context. There is no need to select single glyphs from a glyph palette.