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Bunken Tech Sans

By Buntype

The Bunken Tech Sans superfamily: A reminiscence of constructed fonts of the modern age designed with considerably cleaner forms. Bunken Tech Sans follows in the best tradition of the straight-lined and somewhat angular structures of its predecessors while offering a much more open and mild design. The shapes of the letters are therefore reduced to the most essential elements: The spurs on a, b, n and other lower case letters occur just as little as decorative or style details, the lightly rounded inside edges are more pleasing to the eye than certain historic role models and make for a harmonic, flowing style. Use In particular Bunken Tech Sans stands out as an easy, distinctive headline font with its straight-lined, technical design. Open counters and large x-height make it equally suited for use in shorter texts. It is also perfectly complemented by Bunken Sans or Bunken Slab in longer texts (available soon). Features Available in 10 styles with widths ranging from Light to ExtraBold with associated Italics. All of the styles are very extensive: Support for at least 58 languages, Small Capitals, 9 number sets (e.g. Lining, Oldstyle, Tabular and Small Cap Figures), ligatures, alternate characters, numerous Opentype functions, and lots of other small features that make it more pleasant to work with the font on a daily basis as well as fulfilling typographic desires. Each style contains more than 870 characters! Each style is available in a professional (Pro) and standard (Std) edition with a reduced range of functions. (Language support, OpenType features and number of glyphs). Details can be found on the respective pages. Bunken Tech Sans is part of the Bunken Tech superfamily and is available in Condensed, Normal and Wide. Also of interest: The slab serif variation Bunken Tech Slab Features in Detail: 12 Weights: -Light -Book -Medium -SemiBold -Bold -ExtraBold and corresponding Italics 3 Widths: -Condensed -Normal -Wide Alternate Characters: A, E, F, L, S, e, f, t, s, y, etc. Small Capitals 5 Sets of Figures: -Lining Figures -Old Style Figures -Tabfigures -Old Style Tabfigures -Small Cap Figures Automatic Ordinals Automatic Fractions Extended Language Support and more...