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By Canada Type

Sigurdur Armannsson
Canada Type
Guinevere Pro is a typeface designed by Icelandic art director Sigurdur Armannsson. It started in 2001 as simple hand-drawn sketches of a few letters built from modules, then became an experiment with four goals: - Construct an original alphabet from a specific set of predetermined modules. - See how certain letter forms built without said modules would behave within the totality of the module-constructed alphabet. - See if certain letters would actually enforce their own shapes to be drawn a certain way within the totality of the typeface. Likewise, see if the totality of the alphabet demands that individual letters be drawn in a specific way, and if so, how much room for variation would there be? - See how all of the above reacts/changes to implemeting the alphabet across different weights. The experiment was finessed and re-worked over many years of technology changes, and Guinevere Pro is the final outcome, ten years later. The Guinevere Pro set is four cross-platform Open Type fonts, with built-in small caps, alternates, ligatures, and support for a wide range of Latin-based languages.
Sans Serif
Square Sans