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GFY Handwriting Fontpak

By Chank

Chank Diesel

Go font yourself! The GFY Handwriting Fontpak is your complete handwriting font solution, a super-saver collection of 21 handwriting fonts, both cursive and print, drawn by real people and fontified by internet font pioneer Chank Diesel.

Filled with expression and eccentricities, this fontpak features a great variety of personality types. Buy these fonts and you'll be able to type in many voices from girly bubble letters (GFY Loopy) to a mature woman's penmanship (GFY Marcie and GFY Sunny), from stoic architectural print (GFY Thornesmith and GFY Jack's Blue Print) to loose casual styles (GFY Brutus, GFY Hey Steve, GFY Josie, GFY Palmer, GFY Pollak, GFY Ralston, GFY Shue, and GFY Sidney). Some fonts are arty and fashionable (GFY Jeanna, GFY Mancini, GFY Peggy, and GFY Woodward), while others are unusual and quirky (GFY Aunt Susan, GFY Kersti, GFY Kimberly, and GFY Michael).

"It's hard to find good handwriting fonts and to think you could get all of those at once is terrific," says Chank customer Julie Burnette whose dad created GFY Jack's Blue Print.

The GFY Handwriting Fontpak is a collection of 21 fresh handwriting fonts in OpenType format for Macintosh or Windows. Contains the following fonts: GFY AuntSusan, GFY Brutus, GFY HeySteve, GFY JacksBluePrint, GFY Jeanna, GFY Josie, GFY Kersti, GFY Kimberly, GFY Loopy, GFY Marcie, GFY Mancini, GFY Michael, GFY Palmer, GFY Peggy, GFY Pollak, GFY Shue, GFY Ralston, GFY Sidney, GFY Sunny, GFY Thornesmith, and GFY Woodward.