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Garnet Euro Typewriter

By Coniglio Type

Joseph Coniglio
Coniglio Type

Garnet is a rare TT typewriter face, made digital from analog samples gathered with great care by Coniglio Type. A time and place; type and life. Garnet Euro Typewriter is the first new release by designer Joseph V Coniglio in over 5 years. It is contemporary designer type, made from the struck steel hammers of an art deco san serif face transferred from a mechanical 1926 Royal Portable typewriter. It has an obsessively complete commercial roman character set ––for the pre-opentype environment of the late 1990's. Yes, it has that great “Monopoly Game” question mark -- and all on a period-piece typewriter! You should have no trouble grafting that sorely needed Euro symbol.” –And he very well did!