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By Coniglio Type

Joseph Coniglio
Coniglio Type

NOMAD —Regular is a stand alone font.

Nomad -Regular is a clean, interesting revival font. It is a Display font. Nomad, now exclusively in OpenType .oft by Joseph V Coniglio of Coniglio Type. It is a narrow boldfaced font. Its analog source was comprised of an extremely limited die cut, truly generic, craft, peel-and-stick vinyl set of capital letters of ascenders and numbers. It was purchased at a five & dime stores, hardware department from the 1970's. My father owned an original set of characters: Nomad-Regular is nicely expanded to meet the needs of OpenType. The original adhesive labels adhered to the bows of that small boats so fisherman wouldn't get turned away at the Canadian border for not having their vessels tagged and listed with the appropriate license name and numbers, recorded by customs. It was a required serialization of letters and numbers marked on the side of their vessels. On the other hand, most beer and whisky drinking fishers, card players and bait casters would rather not deal with it, but the boat could not cross over the border without them. (Once part of Market LTD from the 1990's, a collection of limited faces, mostly alpha-numeric and some just plain numeric, used primarily in retail and display situations and titling.)

Designer: Joseph V Coniglio

Author: Coniglio Type

Sans Serif