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By Corradine Fonts

Sergio Ramírez Llamas

Mayonez is a typeface with rational structure and axis but softened with rounded contours and cupped serifs, getting as result a balance between seriousness and friendliness. The shapes have a soft appearance but without lacking definition.

A fluider structure influenced by calligraphy is proposed for the italic varaints, in this case the uppercase letters adopted a simplified semiserifed structure that works better with the lowercase letters. Also the figures are very diferent from the roman version and follow more faithfully the italic style.

In an attempt to give Cyrillic lowercase romans a fresh look symetrical serifs inherited from the versal tendency are mostly avoided thus getting simpler structures closer to the latin forms.

This type is good for commercial and editorial uses like advertising, packaging and pages with showy headlines where a warm touch wants to be given.

The character set includes a group of figures and currency symbols with standard height and another suited to match better with lowercase letters.