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By CozyFonts

Tom Nikosey

The Fluze Fonts

This is the 21st font release from CozyFonts Foundry, a California Font Foundry established in 2011 with it’s first Official Release in 2012 with the Aladdin Bold Family.

Inspirations for the design of this font family, by California Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Font Designer Tom Nikosey, is based on the wacky, weird & quirky films that have graced the screen with their offbeat styles and characters. Movies that come to mind are Mary Poppins, Beetlejuice, Wizard of Oz, Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, Little Shop of Horrors, Addams Family, Labyrinth, Ghostbusters, etc.

The absurd, the sublime, the animated, the scary, and the illustrated are all descriptors to define the possibilities

Of the many uses and applications of Fluze and Flute Outline as presented in a sampling of the posters here.

The intentional crooked hand drawn’ glyphs and extras lend their personalities to create this effect.

Whether in black, white & grays or psychedelic color combos, Fluze can be comical, frightening and

Downright irreverent.

This font works as main titles, end titles, branding, signage, numeric displays and even logotypes and monograms. Have fun and let your inner cartoonist inspire.