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By CozyFonts

Tom Nikosey

Neuarc Font Family

This is the 20th font family of CozyFonts Foundry, established 10 years ago in 2012 with the release of Aladdin Bold.

Neuarc is based loosely on arcs and curves, hence it’s naming.

As shown in one of the font posters that serves to showcase this font, a collage of rough sketches is displayed as the poster’s background. These hand drawn pencil drawings were worked and reworked and

The final drawings were scanned and built in Adobe Illustrator and transferred to glyph windows, glyph by glyph, in Fontlab 8.

The 5 styles, so far, are reminisscent of The Art Deco Era of Design between the 1030s and 1950s. Neuarc also has it’s own footprint with several characters that stand out, eg. A, 8, &, B, ?, $, 5, w, x, a, c, e, etc. giving the reason for the ’Neu’ in the naming.

These letterforms & Numbers work extremely well in monograms. Each styles has it’s own personality.

From the ultra chic Light style to the dominant cool Bold style, this family maintains a uniform legibility at small to large sizes.

Meant primarily for display uses, Neuarc works well for posters, logos, headlines, packaging, branding, signage for a myriad of applications.

The Neuarc Deco style font will work well in titles and numbers of any application.

Sans Serif