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Rennie Mackintosh Allan Glen's

By CRMFontCo

George R. Grant

Since the 2006 launch of Rennie Mackintosh Glasgow, the world’s first lowercase Mackintosh-style typeface, designer George R. Grant has been pleased with its acceptance by Mackintosh lovers around the world. In fact, “Glasgow” has proved to be as popular as the original “founding” font, the classic Charles Rennie Mackintosh Font.

By modifying many of these letterforms, and giving a more “freehand” shaping, George has developed this latest offering. The font has irregular “serifs” at the extremities of each stem - a suggestion of being handwritten. The name “Allan Glens” comes from the high school Mackintosh attended which, coincidentally, George did too.

Says George, “As the school no longer exists, I wanted a way to perpetuate the Allan Glen’s name in type. I can think of no better way than associating it with the name of one of the school’s most famous sons. One of the glyphs even features the school logo”.

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