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By Dalton Maag

Luisa Baeta
Dalton Maag

International font foundry, Dalton Maag, has introduced a brand new sans-serif typeface to its library. Bligh is inspired by 19th century grotesques but with its own twist. Conceptualized by Dalton Maag font developer, Luisa Baeta, Bligh was born from a desire to be different and take the road less traveled resulting in a relaxed and adventurous typeface with unique character. Available in three weights ranging from Light to Bold, Bligh offers a versatile choice when a font that stands out from the crowd is required.It’s not often that you find unique character within a sans-serif design. But this is what the Bligh font family’s curvy terminals and quirky skeleton deliver. Bligh was inspired by the round-the-world voyages and adventurers from the age of exploration and the industrial revolution. It is difficult to classify in typographic terms but has an industrial heart reminiscent of 19th century grotesque typefaces. However softer features, such as a double story ‘g’ and terminals that feel almost hand-drawn, give the font its friendly, honest and adventurous voice.Bligh doesn’t settle for ordinary. Images of far flung places, odd modes of transportation and steampunk inventions were the source of inspiration for Luisa’s design. It features a set of unique symbols that reference this inspiration, allowing the user to create a journey across land and sea.

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