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By Deartype

Veneta Rangelova
Guess is a versatile, connecting script, designed to convey elegance and style. It is slender, feminine and friendly, let alone sexy. Guess will work perfectly for fashion, e-commerce brands, trend blogs, or any business that wants to appear classy and chic. The font is ideal for high-end logotypes and magazine headlines, but let’s not forget greeting cards, invitations, posters, ads and the various web usages. When it comes to the glyph set, well, Guess Pro has quite a lot of that (2500+ glyphs) - think multiple languages and tons of swashes and stylistic alternates to unleash your creativity. For all pragmatists out there, there is also a basic version of the font with an extended latin glyph set (no swashes, contextual alternates or stylistic sets). Last, but not least, Guess comes with a neat geometric sans in capital letters, which makes a great addition to the script, and a set of beautiful ornaments and borders that complete the whole look with a bang.