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By Degarism Studio

Deni Anggara
Degarism Studio
Blimone Inspired from beautiful Art Nouveau styled and pop culture, Blimone approach with geometric shapes and dynamic humanist blends several calligraphic concepts to create a modernist style but with a strong and unique look. The subfamily Blimone ink-traps and the italic characters to appear monumentally "Sharp" in large sizes and jaggedly imperfect in small sizes. The Bilmone font family includes 24 fonts, Support for the variable version of the font, you can choose the individual thickness and the slopes. Support has many fancy ligatures, common standard ligatures are found in some fonts include fi, ff, ffi, fy, ti, tt, ty, tti, ttl , ffk, ft and the discretionary ligatures are gi, ggi, gt, gk, gj, gl, ggl, gh, gti,ct, cti, cty, et, eti, ety, st, and more. all intended to create a natural look that imitates the flow and spontaneous joins of handwriting.OpenType also supports tabular lining numbers, fractions, Numerator and Denominator.